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Loading and unloading composite hose

Loading and unloading composite hose   Loading and unloading composite hose   Loading and unloading composite hose

1.Mainly used in storage reservoir, exchange station, loading and unloading platform of liquid, usually  be used as soft connection part of the oil pipelines;
2.Can transport all kinds of oil under routine conditions.
1.Light weight, high strength, safety, flexibility, easy operation; 
2.Anti-static structure design, joints touch the outer and inner layer 
steel wire which can ensure the permanent conductivity. 
3.It is widely resistance to many kinds of oil and has a variety of 
selection of hose types GGP/SGP/SSP/SGT/SST/EST/EGT.
Structure and materials:
Loading and unloading composite hose
⑴Terminal          ⑵Ferrule            ⑶Inner wire            ⑷ Outer wire 
⑸Multiple polypropylene layer(or PTFE layer)            ⑹Reinforcement layer  
⑺PVC abrasion and ozone resistance outer cover

Loading and unloading composite hose
Note: Three capital letters are refer to the 3 parts of the composite hose. 
The first capital letter means the inner wire 
The second capital letter means the outer wire
The third letter means the inner lining
S--- Stainless steel 304/304L/316/316L
G---Galvanized steel
P--- Polypropylene
Technical parameters:
 Resistance: DN < 50 mm, R≤2.5 ohm/m or less; DN ≥50 mm, R ≤1.0 ohm/m or less
 Vacuum: 0.9 bar
 The largest elongation: 10% or less (ISO 1402 test pressure)
 Maximum distortion degree: 10 °/m or less (ISO 1402 test pressure)
 Minimum blasting pressure: four times of working pressure
 Scope: medium temperature - 30 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
 Design, manufacture and test standard: EN13765-2010
Data sheet:

Loading and unloading composite hose
The maximum diameter of the camlock can reach 150(6”),  other specifications are according to customers’ requirements.
♦Composite hose is 40% lighter than the rubber hose which has the same diameter and length.
♦Excellent flexibility
♦Good positive and negative pressure resistance
♦complete product compatibility for safe handling of all types of oil based 50% to 100% aromatic
♦Excellent dragging, wear, abrasion, UV , ozone resistance, maximum durability and safety outer cover
♦Excellent corrosion resistance for chemical liquid medium
♦Outstanding flame retardant property 
♦Long-term durability
1. Select material extremely according to the standard.
2. 1.5 times working pressure testing and electric resistance and elongation testing are done strictly  according to the standards before delivery out of our factory.
3. Safety factor β=Burst pressure/Working pressure≥4 ,burst testing surpass all related

Packing: wood box, pallet, plastic braided strips in roll ,plastic strips in roll and iron shelf,can be made export grade as your requirements..

     Loading and unloading composite hose   Loading and unloading composite hose      Loading and unloading composite hose  Loading and unloading composite hose         

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